Stylist Monika Ramizi in the Boston Herald

mario russo | monika ramizi founder Liz Vagianos modeling her Patriot-ic Super Bowl outfit.
Photo by: Courtesy
Posted: Saturday, January 31, 2015

Liz Vagianos, who created the women’s sports website, making her most important call of the Super Bowl — what she’s going to wear. (A Patriotic blue Hera Scarf handmade by Canton knitwear designer Monika Ramizi (, a red belt, blue skinny jeans, red hightops and a blue and red Patriots cap) … Mintz Levin legal eagle Jeff Robbins at the Lincoln Center in NYC moderating a discussion on tolerance with panelists Rabbi Peter Rubinstein; the Rev. Matt Malone S.J., editor-in-chief of America magazine; David Van Biema, former chief religion editor at Time magazine; Rich McCoy of Queens College; and Sr. Danielle Dwyer from the Elements Theatre Company, following a performance by the Cape Cod theatre troupe featuring scenes from “The Merchant of Venice” … Southie scribe Michael Patrick MacDonald; Brian Doherty, head of the Boston Building Trades Union; playwright Ronan Noone; Mayor Marty Walsh’s go-to gal Joyce Linehan, and director Campbell Scott taking in the opening night of the Huntington Theatre Company’s “The Second Girl” … New York Police Comish Bill Bratton, telling a pack of power brokers — including some of his Boston pals — that the Big Apple transit system is one of the safest in the nation with 7 million riders and only four crimes per day. (“You have a better chance of hitting the Mass. Lottery than being robbed on the New York City transit system,” the ex-Boston Police Commissioner said) …

Gayle Fee / Boston Herald

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The Holiday Dream Team

chanel eyeliner We all have holiday parties to get ready for, but who actually has the time to do it? StyleBoston’s Principal Fashion Expert and Style Correspondent, Tonya Mezrich, found the perfect dream team at Mario Russo - the lovable duo, Tavi DelaRosa and Violet Furxhi, can take you from plain Jane to gorgeous diva in no time!


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Lisa’s Beauty Squad: The Live Reveal

We participated in Kiss108fm Lisa Donavan’s Glam Squad event! Lucky winner received a $10,000 makeover! Check out her transformation!

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Boston Harbor Hotel’s Winter on the Wharf Ice Skating – NBC Channel 7

In winter, Bostonians, visitors, and adventurers big and small can enjoy all the pleasures of a New England winter—outdoor skating under the rotunda, joyous celebrations, breathtaking waterfront views, and timeless winter classics.

Join us in the spirit of camaraderie, revelry and giving as we observe the rites of winter. Hunker-down. Live-it-up. Winter on the Wharf.

Whether you are with your children, the one you love or if you’re simply just on the go

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Mario Russo Extended Holiday Hours

Mario Russo Extended Holiday Hours


Starting November 18th, Mario Russo is offering extended holiday hours at both Newbury Street and Fan Pier locations. Stop by and see us!

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Let Your Curls Go Wild!

Oribe's Curl Shaping Mousse

Oribe’s Curl Shaping Mousse

In honor of the launch of Curl Shaping Mousse, we talked to some curl experts in our network to get the inside scoop on all things curly. Our own Leah Sugrue was one of the experts on the panel. Here’s what she had to say:


Leah Sugrue, Salon Mario Russo, Boston, Ma
What do you love about curls?
I love the depth the texture in a curl creates; it makes color pop. Curls are interesting and head-turning.

Curls seem to have made a big comeback in fashion editorials and on red carpets over the past few years. Have you noticed this with your clients?
Yes, curls have made a comeback! I have clients who, instead of coming in for a blowout before an event, come in and ask me to set their curls. I mix Gel Sérum and Curl by Definition(my favorite concoction) in a bowl and use my fingers and a comb to define half-inch to one-inch sections. I have them sit under a hood dryer until the hair is dry and then gently separate. It’s a big hit. Also, people love versatility, so I cut curly hair in a way that will look amazing curly as well as straight; this makes women comfortable warming up to a natural curly style knowing they have options. I think educating clients about how to deal with their curls has been key in more women embracing their curls. For busy women (which most of us are), having the ease of letting hair dry curly with product makes hair look polished on the go.

Some say, “Blondes have more fun.” What would you say about curly girls?
I would say curly girls have that “je ne sais quoi,” that certain something…that certain sexiness you can’t put your finger on.

Which current celebrities have enviable curls?
Sarah Jessica Parker, AnnaLynne McCord, Taylor Swift, Beyoncé 

Who has the most iconic curls in history?
There are so many icons with curly hair in every era, from Shirley Temple to Donna Summer, but I think the most iconic is Sarah Jessica Parker. She has gone from a short crop to long curls…with hats, hair accessories, updos, down dos…always fearlessly changing her style and embracing her natural curl. She is a true icon.

What are some tips for achieving beautiful curls?
Moisture moisture moisture! Shampoo less, condition more. Curly hair tends to be naturally drier, so it’s essential to use the right shampoo and conditioner, such as Oribe Moisture & Control for coarse curls and Ultra Gentle for finer curls. A quenched canvas is key to a better curly style. You can then add leave-in moisturizer like Foundation Mist and styling products to achieve a more customized look. After thoroughly saturating locks with a creamy product like Curl by Definition, you can then twist and roll one-inch bunches with your fingers and pin them up with small clips, letting them dry naturally or using a diffuser to set and help define the curl. This also helps distribute the volume more evenly. Top off with Imperméable to block out humidity. I have also been loving Fiber Groom; I use it between my fingers for extra separation and elasticity, and it can act as kind of a curl refresher if you feel like you are starting to get fuzzy. For those who have a few stray pieces that don’t seem to curl as nicely as the rest—usually frustrating to curly girls—I recommend going over those few pieces with a curling iron to make the curl look more consistent.

Embrace the curls girl!

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One of Boston's Best

One of Boston’s Best

Congratulations to Salon Mario Russo for their award winning summer! Voted one of ELLE Magazine’s Top 100 Hair Salons in the country for the 4th year in a row! We thank you for your continued support!


Congratulations to our senior stylist,  Lance Collins!  Lance has been named by ‘Improper Bostonian‘ for 2013, Best Men’s Haircut in Boston.  “When you understand the contours of the head and using that to create balance it  can define a haircut for a man.” says Collins who   joined our family in 2008!

Kudos to Lance

Kudos to Lance

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How Are You Wearing Your Emi Jay?

Have you ever wished that there was a hair tie that doesn’t leave a crease in your hair? Do you wish that it came in a million different colors and patterns that could be easily worn out to the gym or a night out on the town? Can it look cute on your wrist as a bracelet too?

We are excited to let you know that Salon Mario Russo now carries the Emi-Jay hair ties, the latest in hair accessories  worn by Jennifer Aniston, Oprah, Sarah Jessica Parker and many more. The classic hair tie has been reinvented by two hip young women from Los Angeles.

Handmade, hand-dyed in the U.S.A. with imported materials each one is truly unique. No two ties are exactly alike, how special is that? Even 20% of the proceeds are donated to Locks of Love!

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Hair For Thought

Kelly Ripa and Kim Kardashian have a lot more in common then you think?

Kelly Ripa and Kim Kardashian have a lot more in common then you think?

Ever wonder how your favorite celebrities change their hair from short to long without that awkward growing out phase? Do you wonder how they have such full and luscious tresses?

We have the answer for you: Hair Extensions

Great Lengths

Great Lengths

Extensions have come a long way over the years. So many options for color, texture and length! We could name the good ones and we could name the bad ones but we all know by now, right?

It’s a well known fact that celebrities wear them.9 out of 10 people in the public eye use them whether temporary or permanent. Everybody knows about what they are used for, so why do we still fear the talking about it.Why is that? Let’s talk about it!


Great Lengths uses a keratin bonding system to apply individual strands of hair

Great Lengths uses a keratin bonding system to apply individual strands of hair

Great Lengths is one of our methods of choice. We chose this brand for the quality of the hair, the application of the technique, and most importantly the ease of at home maintenance for our clients.

Another method that we recently have started to offer is the “Sew In” method. Great for a little bit of a body, added length or a complete transformation. An ideal option for those who frequently are changing up their style!

Whether it’s for length or fullness, extensions are a great option to give your hair the versatility that it needs. Hair extensions are a way to experiment with lots of different styles without being restricted by the limitations of your own hair. Hair is matched perfectly from color to texture that way the application process is seamless and blends(So that nobody standing next to you is able to tell.)

Color,Texture & Length!

Color,Texture & Length!

Treat the hair as you would your own.When you are at the salon you will receive a take home kit with instructions on how to take care of “your” new hair.

Extensions while they may seem like an instant fix, we have to remind you that creating your new look does require a little bit of time. We want to ensure that you come out looking and feeling like the best version of yourself because we believe in the quality of our work to ensure that you are happy.

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Fight The Frizz No More!!!!!!


Is your hair unruly? Do you stay glued to the weather on your phone or TV just to check the humidity? Wish you could have sleek smooth hair in the warmer months? We have a solution that will help tame your curly tresses into beautiful sleek strands!

Have you heard of these?

Have you heard of these?

Keratin and Brazilian Acai treatments are used to recondition the hair, preventing frizz while repairing at the same time.These treatments make it easier to wear your hair sleek and straight or in its natural state. Depending upon which treatment you do, hair will gradually over time return to the original state without obvious growing out stage from the older treatments.

The solution is near

The solution is near

Virtually any texture of hair can benefit from these treatments. Not to worry, excessive heat, chemical damage or daily stress are no match for these treatments.

Not only does your hair look but it will also feel  softer, smoother and have a high shine. The treatments add moisture back to the hair and bring hair back to a healthier state!

Infusing the treatment into hair

Infusing the treatment into hair

With the express treatments, you can expect results to last anywhere from 4-6 weeks, while the full strength option gives you anywhere from 4-6 months. If you opt for a milder treatment typically hair shouldn’t be washed for at least one day and there is a 3 day waiting period for the stronger version. Using sulfate and sodium free shampoo ensures that you will maintain your optimal results!

Frizz free hair

Frizz free hair

For more information feel free to ask your stylist about which is best for you.




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