Fight The Frizz No More!!!!!!


Is your hair unruly? Do you stay glued to the weather on your phone or TV just to check the humidity? Wish you could have sleek smooth hair in the warmer months? We have a solution that will help tame your curly tresses into beautiful sleek strands!

Have you heard of these?

Have you heard of these?

Keratin and Brazilian Acai treatments are used to recondition the hair, preventing frizz while repairing at the same time.These treatments make it easier to wear your hair sleek and straight or in its natural state. Depending upon which treatment you do, hair will gradually over time return to the original state without obvious growing out stage from the older treatments.

The solution is near

The solution is near

Virtually any texture of hair can benefit from these treatments. Not to worry, excessive heat, chemical damage or daily stress are no match for these treatments.

Not only does your hair look but it will also feel  softer, smoother and have a high shine. The treatments add moisture back to the hair and bring hair back to a healthier state!

Infusing the treatment into hair

Infusing the treatment into hair

With the express treatments, you can expect results to last anywhere from 4-6 weeks, while the full strength option gives you anywhere from 4-6 months. If you opt for a milder treatment typically hair shouldn’t be washed for at least one day and there is a 3 day waiting period for the stronger version. Using sulfate and sodium free shampoo ensures that you will maintain your optimal results!

Frizz free hair

Frizz free hair

For more information feel free to ask your stylist about which is best for you.




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Pop-Up Bar: Rebirth of the 60s

Photo taken by Emily Geeman

Photo taken by Emily Geeman

Occasionally on Friday nights, we offer our Pop-Up Bar series. What is a Pop-Up Bar? The Pop-Up Bar is an evening of how-to-hair tricks, cocktails and enjoying the evening with some of the salon team!

Courtney, Georgina, Jodi,Elissa & Emily!

Courtney, Georgina, Jodi,Elissa & Emily! Photo taken by Emily Geeman

Emily & Leah

Emily & Leah

At our last event in keeping with the trend of the Spring Summer 2013 season, we offered the Rebirth of the 60′s Pop-Up Bar. Channeling Bridgit Bardot, Twiggy and Jackie-O, classic looks we’re given a modern wearable interpretation.

Elissa enjoying a refreshment

Elissa enjoying a refreshment

What a fun evening we had! A few of the girls took some photos and blogged about their experiences that night.

Want To Read What The Girls Had To Say:



Jodi Bean’s Blog

Those Graces


Photo Credits:

Elissa Garza of StyleWire

Emily Geeman of SoAnthro

Jodi Dwyer of Jodi Bean’s Blog

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Just For The Men

The Game of Style

The Game of Style

“Style is a simple way of saying complicated things”

Jean Cocteau

Warmer weather is headed our way and wearing  heavy coats is out of the picture. Guys may find that putting effort into what they are going to wear can be a bit of a daunting task. However, staying fit and learning to cook well can be just as daunting. Understanding how to maximize what you have in your closet, as well what to look for when shopping this season will help any man create a sense of his own style.

If you’ve cleaned out your closet, just to end up filling it back up with things that you won’t wear again, was there any sense in cleaning it out in the first place? Here are 3 tips that are a good starting point for any man:

  • Layering Clothing-One of the easiest things to do, layering between a light shirt and sweater or a light jacket is great for going into Spring or Fall seasons.  Lighter, thinner fabrics should be closer to the body. Sport coats offer the ability for men to dress them up or dress them down.
  • Versatility-Utilizing what is already in your closet with new pieces is what we mean. Bright cardigans, along with darker washes in denim can allow for further dressing up or dressing down with what’s already in your closet. Darker washes also can be slimming while trying to get back into shape.
  • Fit-Typically, guys do not bring their clothing to a tailor. However, it’s an important step. Unless you want to look frumpy, knowing the exact measurements of your body is crucial in looking presentable. It shows that you know yourself inside out.







Now, that we’ve given you some basic tips on the art of layering, versatility with what you have in your closet and the fit of clothing, go out there and EXPERIMENT! Try something new, surprise yourself and those around you.

Happy Styling

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Where To Eat In Boston?

“Food is our common ground, a universal experience”  James Beard, Chef 1903-1985

Skyline Boston

Known as a city for its higher education institutions, Boston within recent years has certainly made a name in the restaurant industry. Boston is fortunate to have such culinary diversity that is unique just like each of the neighborhoods that make Boston so special.


Restaurant Week Boston is held twice a year for two weeks during March and August. A great time in which you are able to try dishes  from the newest hotspots while exploring the different areas of the city. Not only in the city, diners are have a wide range whether it be in Boston or out in Newburyport, this is an opportunity to seek out other culinary gems in the New England area.

Ming Tsai's Blue Dragon

Ming Tsai’s Blue Dragon

Speaking of finding rare gems, have you checked out the new Fort Point Channel restaurant scene? With a variety of options from Ming Tsai’s newest Blue Dragon or perhaps one of the three Barbara Lynch eateries such as Sportello,there’s sure to be something to satisfy your needs!




Grab A Bite Here:


Boston Chops

West Bridge Restaurant

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Catch Up On Your Beauty Rest

Lavender Tranquility Pillows

Lavender Tranquility Pillows

Whether it’s the time change or change in seasons, it’s that time of year where you’ll feel the need to catch up on your sleep.

Have you tried the Salon Mario Russo Lavender Eye Sachets? They’re amaaaazing!!!! Give it a try next time you stop by the salon for a gloss or a conditioning treatment! Rejuvenation and relaxation is only 10 minutes away!!!!!

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Arrive In Style

Tired of waiting for a cab?

Tired of waiting for a cab?

Salon Mario Russo is very excited to announce their partnership with Uber Boston. Uber is the innovative app that replaces the stress of waiting around for a taxi. This innovative luxury car service app is available for download in both iTunes and Google Play.

Uber is there within minutes

Travel in luxury

A few simple taps and within minutes you will be whisked away  to your destination in either a luxury sedan or SUV. Try it in Boston or Philadelphia, Uber is available in most metropolitan areas.

Be sure to ask at your next appointment how you can save 10% off your next Uber ride from the salon.


Find Us:


Twitter: @Uber_Bos




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Only If You Dare


Avalanche Signs Warn

Avalanche Signs Warn

He did it!!  Avalanche signs warned of the dangers ahead but who could resist the thrill! “It was awesome”, Mario said.  Alta, Utah is the gorgeous ski resort community located just outside Salt Lake City where Mario conquered the bone chilling elements and skiied the run of a lifetime.



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Welcome to Back Bay


The Anticipation

The Anticipation

234 Berkeley St(between Boylston St & Newbury St) which was formerly home to LouisBoston and Salon Mario Russo has a new tenant! Restoration Hardware is opening  their flagship RH Historic Gallery to the public on March 7.

234 Berkeley St

234 Berkeley St

Those who made sure to rsvp get a glimpse inside on March 6, during the special unveiling. The 40,000-sq. ft space has been restored to its historic glory where RH will showcase their entire design line. We welcome RH to the Back Bay neighborhood and continue to wish them much success!


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Modern Understated Elegance

Elegant Rebellious Twist

Elegant Rebellious Twist


A Modern Breakfast at Tiffany’s twist sprinkled with a Dash of Cool will revitalize your Style.  Chic hair and makeup appears effortless and speaks volumes when you enter the room!


Get The Look:

Hair by MariaLisa Ravisini  Color by Josh Truax @ Salon Mario Russo




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Above the Cut: Q&A with Artistic Director Sal Malafronte

Above the Cut is a monthly Q&A with a member of the Salon Mario Russo team, and this month we feature Artistc Director Sal Malafronte. Sal is a master stylist who joined the Mario Russo team in 1998 and he was named Artistic Director in January of 2011. He specializes in haircuts that emphasize clean lines and gorgeous, sexy styling.


1.  Can you give a brief background of work experience and education?

I’ve trained in New York and London with everyone from Bumble&bumble to Toni & Guy to Vidal Sassoon.  I spent three years as the Associate Director for the Shu Uemura Art of Hair Atelier Team.  I got to travel and educate stylists across the country.  I worked at New York Fashion Week doing hair for Rodarte, Takoon, Suno, Theory and Monique Lhuillier and locally for Micheal de Paulo and Mike & Ton.  I’ve done editorial work for Teen Vogue, Boston Magazine and Stuff and several covers for the Improper Bostonian.  And I just started working with designer Daniela Corte which I am very excited about.


2.  How long have you been with Salon Mario Russo?

I’ve been with SMR for 15 years…the last two as Artistic Director.


3.  What are some of your favorite aspects of your job and work?

I love everything about my job.  The creativity, the interaction with clients…everything.  I’ve wanted to be a hairstylist since I was a kid and I consider myself very lucky that every day when I go to work I’m doing what I’ve always wanted to do.


4. What gets you out of bed in the morning and excited to go to work?

Every day is new and different, from the clients, types of hair and different styles…It’s always changing and I love that.


5. What do you love about Boston?

What’s not to love? The restaurants, the art, the history, the Cape… it’s an amazing city that gets better every year. I always say that if someone is complaining there’s nothing to do in Boston they’re not looking.


6. Where are your favorite places to visit in Boston?

Restaurants- Coppa, Toro, Via Matta

Shops- Louis, Bodega, Daniela Corte


7.  What other cities inspire you?  Where are your favorite places to visit?

I’m obsessed with all things London! Total Anglophile…the Royal Family may have a restraining order against me and I’m forbidden from bringing any more books on Princess Diana into the house.  And I love Miami…its just the sexiest place to be…all year round.  And of course New York.  How could you not be?  It’s the coolest city in the world.


8.  How do you like to spend your time outside of work?

I’m a TV junkie!  I love all types of shows..dramas, sitcoms, reality…doesn’t matter.  I grew up with a TV in every room…including the bathroom! To this day it’s

still the only activity that completely relaxes me.  I also love beauty pageants! I don’t know where or how this came about but its lasted since I was a kid.  I’ve judged and co-hosted pageants within the Miss USA system and recently met Rhode Island’s first Miss USA/Miss Universe.  A dream come true!


9.  Where do your find inspiration for your work in the salon?

I think inspiration comes from what you love.  For me that’s movies, TV, magazines, and music.  It only takes one image to make you see things differently and set you off on a new path.


10.  What do you predict as the upcoming trends for spring and summer hair?

Full bangs, shoulder length hair, updos for casual events, natural textures and accessories such as scarfs and ribbons.


11.  What are your favorite styles?

My favorite all-time haircut is Halle Berry’s cropped cut.  It’s just perfect. And I never get tired of big, full, sexy beauty pageant hair…always good.


12.  What has been your most exciting work project in your career?

Working with Shu Uemura.  It gave me the opportunity to step outside my box in terms of the styles I created, the looks I worked on, the tools I used and the people I learned from.  It completely changed the way I thought about hair and it took my hairstyling to a whole new level…a level I hadn’t dreamed of.


13.  What do you aspire to accomplish in the future?

My future is wide open.  I’m ready for any and all challenges and opportunities that present themselves.


14.  If you were stranded alone on a deserted island, what three things would you need?

Electricity, so I could plug in my Iphone and TV…the corn from Toro so I would have something to eat…and a helicopter to get my ass off that island…I would go crazy!!!

Hair by Sal Malafronte

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