Castor Seed Olive Intensive Care

Mario has developed his Intensive Hair Care Treatment to help reverse damage caused by the sun, harsh chemical treatments and mechanical damage from hot tools and irons.  He believes that there is nothing more beautiful than a healthy head of hair, glowing with natural shine and gloss.  Unfortunately in today's world, our hair is continually exposed to so many negative factors.  All of these help to rob our hair of its natural oils and damage the protective cuticle layer which stands guard over the inner cortex.  Your hair is then robbed of its natural beauty and can become dull and lifeless.

The natural oil balance of your hair can be restored with Intensive Hair Care Treatment.  It has a unique combination of lipid enhancers along with castor seed oil have long been valued for their smoothing properties.  It also contains shea butter which for many years has been used in Africa for its healing properties and for beautifying of the skin and hair.  Mario's signature olive oil blends them all together to produce a deep conditioner which delivers amazing results.

Resuscitate dehydrated lifeless hair with a dose of Intensive Hair Care.  Apply Intensive Hair Care to just shampooed, towel dried hair, especially to ends and leave in your hair for twenty minutes or longer.  rinse hair thoroughly.  Twice a month treatments will restore health and shine to over-processed tresses!  Viva la hair!


Price: $32.50

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